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Google News and Google Discover user very different algorithms to Google Search. We can help you understand what works for your sites on these platforms and open up a new audience stream. 

Google Discover and Google News can be shrouded in mystery. Why can a site do well in search but not in Google News, Top Stories boxes or Discover? 

Google News and Discover use different algorithms to Google Search, meaning the things you do to get a piece to rank in search results might not be what News or Discover needs. You might want our support in getting traffic from these other platforms if you’re already doing well on Google SERP. Conversely, you might have massive traffic from Discover that suddenly dries up. I’ve seen sites with up to 85% of their traffic coming from Discover disappear from the platform overnight. 

A technical audit is valuable for identifying potential issues hindering your site's ability to attract News and Discover traffic. However, it’s important to note that additional factors are often at play. Elements such as E-A-T (Experience, Authority, Trust), headlines, images, and more significantly influence your site's visibility on Google News and Discover. 

With our extensive experience and proven track record, we have successfully grown Google News, Top Stories, and Google Discover traffic for a wide range of websites, from small, niche sites to global industry leaders. 

We can ensure your sites have all the technical requirements needed to perform well, train your content teams to make the most of these platforms, help shape content strategies to eliminate wasted effort and focus efforts on content that performs well. 

We will also review your site’s E-E-A-T credentials and work to make its expertise, authority, and trust prominent. 

There is potential for significant growth in your Google News and Google Discover traffic. For instance, a recent client saw a remarkable 350% increase in Google News and an astounding 600% surge in Google Discover over the same period. 

Google Discover Search Console recovery chart
The above shows Google Discover traffic for a website. Discover traffic declined then disappeared entirely. Following a number of interventions traffic started recovering before it performing better than ever following the March 2024 Google algorithm update
Google News traffic didn't decline to the same extent, but it also grew significantly. This does not include Top Stories box referrals which drive the most audience from Google News

Things don’t always change as quickly as that, but the key is that the client took and implemented recommendations rapidly. This meant that when Google’s March 2024 algorithm update hit, the site was ready for it and benefited greatly. 

Whether you’ve suffered a drop in Discover of News traffic or are looking to get more out of it, get in touch to find out how we can help. 

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