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Evan Kypreos

Founder and Director of Platia Digital Consulting

  • 25 years experience in digital
  • Digital audience development expert at Future and Time Inc

Services and expertise

  • SEO content, technical audits and data analysis
  • Keyword tracking and targeting advice
  • SERP, Google News and Google Discover expertise
  • World-class reviews and buying guide expertise
  • Editorial training, development & content strategy
  • AI guidance for safe and effective use
  • Site migration and merging planning
  • Site performance auditing and advice for improving Core Web Vitals and Page Experience
  • Affiliate content development and optimisation
  • Social, first-party data and video strategy development
  • Digital transformation

Why I created Platia Digital

Platia Digital was founded in 2022 to provide publishers and brands with the training, mindset, and tools to effectively engage and grow online audiences.

Smaller specialist sites, particularly, can struggle to compete with bigger and broader sites with the resources to publish more. It doesn’t have to be that way.

I’ve helped build high-quality teams and websites that have delivered hundreds of millions of satisfied customers and grown revenue and subscribers sustainably. I want to help more businesses do that and give them the tools to keep creating great content and growing audiences, whether on their websites, social channels or video platforms.

Clients Supported

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What makes us different?

Since starting to work on digital projects in 2000, I’ve embedded myself and gained profound knowledge and working expertise across multiple disciplines such as digital marketing, data analysis, agile product development, user experience, journalism and evergreen content writing and publishing. This has given me many skills and knowledge that combine into a holistic approach that helps guide brands and businesses to long-term digital success.

My varied roles mean I can advise and add value across many areas, and where I’m not an expert, I have strong working relationships with consultants who are.

I have written and edited thousands of articles, reviews and buying guides across dozens of sites, so I understand the editorial process deeply. I can also communicate with editorial teams in ways many SEOs cannot.

I’ve run multiple development teams and transitioned companies into agile product development, so I understand the technical challenges websites and developers face.

Because I have managed eight-figure P&Ls, I understand commercial pressures and where the most value can be added in the short term, while considering the longer-term strategic objectives.

Since starting Platia Digital in 2022, I have worked with more than a dozen companies, from large-scale B2B and B2C publishers to insurance and service companies looking to grow their digital footprints. 


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Background and history

I’ve worked as a digital editorial leader for the past decade at two of the world’s largest publishers – Time Inc. and Future PLC. My skills in training and managing highly effective digital editorial teams led me to become Audience Development Director at Future. I trained more than 1200 writers in digital content publishing, focusing on editorial quality and search engine optimisation (SEO).

It’s important to align digital content creation with brand values to grow an audience by using better SEO and social media techniques and do so in a way that’s true to the brand and its audience. That way, you don’t just get pageviews. You get fans.

Please get in touch to arrange a free consultation and discuss your needs.

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