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We’re happy to announce that Platia Digital has launched a keyword-tracking service to complement SEO and Editorial consulting.

Everyone knows a great keyword strategy is crucial to making the most of search engine audiences. With the best will in the world, it can be hard to stay focused on your important keywords, especially if you don’t know how they’re fluctuating on search pages.

We will help you choose the keywords worth tracking. First, we’ll look at the keywords driving traffic to your site and make sure this audience stays protected. Then we’ll look at keywords driving traffic to your competitors or ones you’d like to rank for but don’t yet.

Knowing the keywords that have dropped in a given week can give you a reactive edge, helping you prioritise work to regain that Google traffic.

Having keywords to target that you don’t yet rank for (or rank for on page two onwards) means you can work on a proactive editorial or content strategy.

Our keyword tracker also keeps an eye on the competitors. This means you can see their performance for a given group of keywords and find out how your site stacks up.

Platia Digital Keyword Tracker

You can have a huge amount of personalisation, all set up and managed by experts, so you don’t need to spend time learning it all. We’ll set it up, keep it up to date and provide you with actionable insights every month. If there’s an algorithm update, we will also let you know how it impacted your site and competitors.

What can the keyword tracker do?

The keyword tracker we use provides fresh and accurate ranking data based on many factors across search engines:

  • Desktop and mobile tracking so you can see how your site performs across devices
  • Localised rankings so you can see how your site performs in your country, town, and city.
  • SERP feature tracking lets you know where you appear on search engines, whether featured snippets, top stories boxes or classic site links.
  • Pixel position tracking means you can understand why traffic may have grown or dropped depending on how the search page has changed. Ranking top in site links, but traffic has fallen? You can find out if a new Top Stories box or feature snippet is the culprit and work towards ranking there.
  • SEO reports are easy to pull and add to reports or decks. We can create custom reports covering the KPIs you care about and email them to you every week.

Platia Digital Keyword Tracker Pricing

Prices for Platia Digital’s keyword tracking start at £350 (+VAT in the UK) per site. This includes setup and up to 250 keywords tracked weekly, competitor tracking, weekly reports and monthly consultations.

There are several tiers depending on your needs, and as always, initial consultations are free, so get in touch today to find out how Platia Digital can help you grow the right audience in the right way.

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