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One of Platia Digital’s first clients, Anthem is a health and wellbeing publisher with great brands like Women’s Running, Vegan Food and Living and Classic Pop.

After an initial round of in-depth website technical and content audits, we worked together to create content templates and clear editorial strategies for the brands.

We also provided SEO training sessions and digital strategy days and helped pave the way for effective collaboration between print and digital.

Hiring Evan as a consultant was absolutely transformative for the digital side of our business. He introduced new ways of working to the whole team, made SEO best practises accessible, understandable and easily adoptable, and really gave us a renewed sense of direction for our brands.
He worked well with the team and earned their trust and respect quickly so they’d look forward to receiving his no-nonsense feedback, even though they know he would always be completely honest and not sugar-coat any mistakes.
Traffic improvements don’t appear straight away for all of our brands, but we have seen constant improvements over time as our teams have continued to implement Evan’s advice. We regularly recap what Evan taught us, and if we have a new employee in a digital role, the first thing we get them to do is to look over Evan’s training notes. Now, if we’re ever looking for digital training or advice on how to improve one of the sites, Evan is the very first person we turn to.
Sally Fitzgerald – Deputy Managing Director

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