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We have worked with Crash Media for two years across all its digital publications, including, Car Throttle, Golf Magic and Visor Down. We started the process with deep website audits, which presented several opportunities to improve the sites, including remediation work to fix issues created by incorrect advice provided by another SEO agency. This process led to SEO training for the editorial teams and content remediation to improve pages that were holding back the sites. We created new content templates to target high-value evergreen terms in the review space and worked on headline writing with great success on Google Discover.

We work closely with the development team to assist with major platform migrations, ensuring SEO value is not lost during the process.

When a Google algorithm update significantly affected one of the sites, we worked with the editorial and development team to cover all the bases. This led to the site performing better than ever following the latest March 2024 Google updates.

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We now track several thousand important keywords across the sites and provide monthly guidance to editors. We have also created insightful reports that senior leadership, commercial, and editorial teams can use to understand their SEO performance and that of their competitors.

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